73 Million Sharks Lost Yearly To Finning

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Why Shark Finning Bans Aren't Keeping Sharks Off The Plate (Yet) : The Salt  : NPR

Hmm… going back to our title yes you read that right 73 million sharks are killed yearly for their fins. If we are being specific that’s about 73-100 million sharks. Before we get into the shark killing let us first discover how the fins are used and why.

Shark fin soup is a delicacy in South East Asia and China. I have just added a map below so that when I am talking about South East Asia you can really have the mental picture of the countries.

Map of Southeast Asia (Southeastern Asia)

In traditional Chinese medicine, shark fins are believed to help in areas of rejuvenation, appetite enhancement, and blood nourishment and to be beneficial to vital energy, kidneys, lungs, bones, and many other parts of the body. Now as you can see I used the word believed it’s not a surety. Is it possible that sharks are being killed for a fools errand? And to what end?

According to a Washington post I read a while back, believe it or not but shark fin soup has no nutritional benefit! It is apparently tasteless and harmful. With sharks being so high up in the food chain the amount of mercury, cadmium, arsenic and many other poisonous metals is limitless. In short by killing sharks for their fins they are in turn killing us.

Shark fin soup losing its appeal | The Star

What is the value of shark fins? US $400 Per Kg. The average shark fin weighs around 2 Kilograms. In order to create this Billion dollar industry 73 million sharks die per year. That is 73 million predators wiped off the face of the ocean. Take the food chain below as an example. when the sharks are no longer there this means there will be an increase in Tuna a decrease in Mackerel eventually the Tuna will have no food to eat in turn killing an entire ocean species. The small fish will then overpopulate because they have no predators bringing about lack of food for them and it goes on and on until an entire ocean ecosystem is wiped out.

food chain | Definition, Types, & Facts | Britannica

What happens to the shark carcasses after finning? I won’t call them carcasses let’s call them bodies because these poor sharks are finned when they are still alive. Imagine your limbs being cut from your body when you are alive, no anaesthesia or anything just pure pain! People ask if fish feel pain… Here’s the simple answer of course they feel pain, they bleed, they have a nervous system so they obviously feel pain. Let me write this in bold (fish are sentient meaning they feel pain, they feel fear, they have the capacity to suffer and to feel distressed)

Say no to shark finning! | Shark, Save the sharks, Sharks funny

Where was I? So these sharks are finned when they are still alive and their finless bodies are thrown back into the sea where they suffocate-have you ever tried to hold your breath under water until you can’t anymore? try it, that is how suffocation feels, for those that do not drown they bleed to death or eaten by other animals. I don’t know about you but this makes me very angry! What are you as the reader going to do? The best thing to do for the sharks is to LEAVE THEM ALONE!

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