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An entry in a passport that allows you to enter a foreign country legally.

All travelers may at some point require a Visa to travel and cross borders into other countries. And many of us have maybe fallen victim because our local travel agents may not have explained to us what we need to do in order to get a visa. Or maybe you even just want to deal with your travel plans by yourself. Who knows?

If you are a frequent traveler you will realize that you may not require a visa to certain countries. Most times When crossing continents you will discover that you indeed do require a visa. For example a person traveling from England to Kenya will require a visa but a Ugandan traveling to Kenya will not and vice versa.

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As travelers we may not be sure what kind of visa we are supposed to obtain. So, let’s start slow… there are many different types of visas for different kinds of people. I will mention them here:

a) The work visa

This visa allows the bearer to take on employment or engage in business activities in the host country.

b) The student visa

This visa allows the bearer to enrol in a post-secondary education institution in the host country.

c) The transit visa

It allows the bearer to enter a foreign country for leisure/ touristic stay for a predetermined amount of time.

d) The asylum visa

Also known as a refugee visa granted to individuals fleeing war, natural disasters and other situations where their life may be at risk.

e) The business visa

This visa allows the bearer to engage in business activities without particularly joining the host country’s work force/ labor market.

f) The spousal visa

When couples do not live in the same country this visa allows you to visit your spouse.

g) The working holiday visa

This visa allows the bearer to undertake temporary employment in the host country for their traveling period.

h) The evisa

This visa is an electronic visa that is stored in a database rather than being stamped in the passport.

i) The immigrant visa

This visa allows the bearer to permanently reside in the host country.

j) The nonimmigrant visa

This visa allows the bearer to enter the host country on a temporary basis.

k) The schengen visa

This visa allows the bearer to have a short stay allowing its holder to circulate within the Schengen area(covers 26 countries). These states are; Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. This visas are issued by the schengen states and intended stay should be no more than 90 days in any 180 days of period.

l) The type O visa

In the Us this visa is offered to those with extraordinary ability in science, arts, business, athletics or extraordinary achievement in motion pictures and television production.

m) The type P visa

This visa is offered to athletes, entertainer’s artist and essential support personnel who come to perform in the United states.

n) The type Q visa

This visa is required for those who are traveling to participate in international cultural exchange programs in the United states for the purpose of providing training, employment, sharing history culture and traditions of their home country.

o) The exchange visitor visa

The bearer of this visa is allowed to go to the United states to participate in exchange programs.( students, teachers, professors, research scholars, professional trainees, and visitors coming for travel, consultation and research purposes)

p) The religious worker visa

This visa allows those who are authorised by a recognised entity to conduct religious activity in the United states.

q) The domestic employee visa

This visa is elligible to domestic workers who accompany their employers to the US.

r) The media/ journalist visa

Journalists or media personnel from foreign countries are elligible to attain this visa for a temporary period to engage in their profession. They must however, have a home office in a foreign country.

s)The ship crew visa

This visa is offered to ship crew that will be crossing over to international water.

The next time you are preparing for travel at least you will know what kind of visa you need to acquire.

Barbara Michoma,

The Traveling Mindset.

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