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Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Leopards and even Buffalos have been subject to hunting since time immemorial, more often now than ever. Our wildlife is under attack; the big five are dying due to human error. We have to stand up for our animals. Our tall beauties- the giraffes have also been victims to this greedy hunt trade.

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Can you believe it? Just by the tap of a button, you can actually place a bid to hunt poor defenseless animals. I don’t know about you; but this does not sit well with me. Recently Botswana lifted its ban to hunt elephants again. An auction firm actually sold tickets to hunt 70 elephants. 70 elephants! Can you believe this? They actually put up 200 elephants for sale!

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The number of animals hunted everyday is on the rise especially in Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana & South Africa), Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Their Eastern African counterparts mostly condemn all hunting practices, they are however, dealing with the issue of poaching.

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Hunting; a sport that is treacherous and torturous to animals. Have we not heard of hunting using guns, and even worse have we not heard of lion caned hunting? How much more pain do these poor animals have to bear for their salvation. It is so sad that the very people who should be living in harmony with animals are the ones actually harming them. When will enough be enough? All these animal auction firms should be closed I believe.

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