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Oh my I love butterflies so much. They’re beautiful and they make me feel like I am at peace. They are also known to represent change! Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet. 56 Million years; that’s how long butterflies have been on Earth. Importance of butterflies? Well, besides their beauty they are important pollination agents. Butterflies work hand in hand with bees to spread seeds which grow wildflowers. I mean who doesn’t like wild flowers.

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On this amazing Wednesday, we dive into Mexico where we find the beautiful butterfly sanctuary. The Monarch butterfly sanctuary is a safe Haven for these amazing creatures of change. In October, these butterflies actually cluster together in the pine, Eucalyptus and cypress trees. This town has been nicknamed- the Butterfly town. How amazing is that?

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About a week ago a second Mexican environmentalist-Raul Hernandez protecting the sanctuary was found dead. The manner of his death was clearly not an accident. This was a month after the disappearance of another activist Homero Gomez who was campaigning against illegal logging in the sanctuary. My heart goes out to the families of all those who have been killed because of protecting this butterfly sanctuary.

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Homero Gomez

I don’t know how to say this… Well, I’ll just go right out and say it. How much is the life of a butterfly worth? How much is the life of these two conservationists worth? This is a vile era where other humans can kill their own just for profit. But we must not stop advocating for our nature. We are nature’s voice!

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