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Ever heard of the term, ‘disability is not inability?’ Words of encouragement, almost always given by those who perceive that people with physical challenges are helpless and cannot ably do things without physical challenges effortlessly. Ever seen disabled people participating in hardcore sporting activities?

Well, I have and let me say this disabled people want to do the things that other tourists do. They want to see the great wall of China, they want to be atop the empire state building, they want to hike the Elephant hills and the Kilimanjaro. The only problem is getting there hence the accessible tours. Is a ramp needed or a guide to hold the hand of a blind tourist?

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The question is, ‘how can these tours be accessed?’ First of all, you can coordinate with a tour or travel company and confirm from their website if they actually do accessible tours. Second, you can get a guide that actually deals with people who would like to go to tours but due to the impaired vision or hearing, speech or even being on a wheel chair would often need guides on the ground who can physically be with them on the tours.

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I think this is an area that has been neglected by many travel agencies and that all travel companies need to have accessible tours. Many disabled people have been duped into believing that some tour companies offer accessible tours yet they do not. They get to the tours only to receive a shock that arrangements for them were not made. there is no ramp to get into the tour van, there is no guide to deal with any issues that they may encounter and the worst of all, there is no refund yet you have suffered on the so called ‘accessible tour’. Before traveling, always ensure that you have all the information.

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Barbara Michoma,

The Traveling Mindset.

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I am a tour operator in Kenya. I have a degree in Tourism Management and I have my own company known as The Traveling mindset Limited which is centered on giving people a chance to experience the world in a sustainable way. I am extremely passionate about climate change, human rights, sustainable tourism, accessible tourism and meeting new people and giving them unforgettable experiences. For fun I play hockey and read all kinds of books. I have two dogs and I love animals very much. My all time hobby though, is writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.

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