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Well, to say that this is the best news that I have heard today would be an understatement. I hope that this ban will somehow decrease the poaching of animals and eventually ensure that all wildlife trade is banned everywhere. China has suffered from the Corona virus outbreak for a little while now and, this has claimed the lives of 56 people and infected more than 1975 people.

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To be honest, I wish the word temporarily was not in the title. It should be, ‘China bans wildlife trade’. Anyway, We don’t always get what we want so I’ll take it for now. The ban of this trade has made restaurants also temporarily scrap off the exotic species off their menus. Let’s hope it stays like this!

‘No wildlife can be transported or sold in any markets or online’, according to text of the announcement in state media. ‘Suspected violators will be sent to security services, and their will be properties closed and sealed. Legal breeding centers will be quarantined,’ says the Washington post.

Demand for wild animals in Asia; especially China has hastened the extinction of many species. This is also bringing about the issue of disease spread from the animals to the humans and back, eventually leading to a full cycle of disease and death.

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But, let me say this…And note that this is not in bad taste, it is the reality of things. From time immemorial China has been known to ban wildlife trade and then allow it again. Back in 2007, they banned some of the wildlife trade. In 2020, they temporarily ban wildlife trade… What I am saying is; This cycle needs to end! Does there have to be a disease for this trade to end?

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