Ever wondered where the amazing people who climb the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the Mount Kenya train?Well here’s where! The Elephant hill hike will leave you begging for mercy( only if you aren’t up to the challenge). Grab your friends and family and challenge yourselves to this hike. 90 Kilometres from Nairobi Located at the Southern side of the Aberdare ranges lies the majestic hill.

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This place is actually known as Elephant hill because it literally looks like an elephant. I mean who doesn’t love elephants with their big trunks, the ears flapping in the wind and their tiny eyes? I love them! 20,000 elephant are killed every year through poaching! (

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Back to our hike then! Starting at the Njabini gate and ending still at the starting point this 8 hour hike will leave you at the breaking point. That is approximately 4-5 hours up with an altitude of 3400M. see why I said people planning to hike Mt.Kenya(5199M) and Kilimanjaro(5895M) come here? Can you do it? It is a challenge between mind and body some would say. While you are busy fighting within yourself the KWS rangers almost always try to discourage you from proceeding to the summit but you need to politely decline and forge on ahead. The descent is just as trying as the ascent I must say 4 more hours of the trying hill.

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At the starting point you can decide to have some team building activities such as singing games and stretching and basically just bonding with the other hikers in your group. Here is where you will also be required to pay your entrance fees and fees for an armed escort if you wish.(There are animals in the hills) So I would really recommend an armed escort. You might also want to call the head warden in advance to arrange for your visit.

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Join us at the Traveling Mindset as we embark on this trying hike on the 29th of February 2020.

Barbara Michoma,

The Traveling Mindset .

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