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Hmmm… Green washing?Green sheen? The most loosely used term when it comes to sustainable living. Have you heard of this term and better yet, have you seen it done before? I have. Well, I think that this is the most disgusting thing that I have seen people do. I believe if you are dirty.. Be dirty. You shouldn’t go around making people believe that you are a Saint yet you are a big liar… No, a pretender! Well then I’ll just get right on to it.. Ever seen a ‘green’ hotel or destination purport to be using bamboo straws yet they are plastic? I haven’t just heard of this but I have also seen this done, and let me say this, ‘I am appalled!’. My acquaintance who just like me; is a big ‘no plastics’ advocate actually told me about an incident that he once witnessed.

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Anyway so this guy… I’ll name him Joe. This guy Joe walks into a bar and he finds the bartender meticulously using a bamboo stirrer. So he says,’That’s a nice stirrer,where did you get it?’ He eventually goes on to convince the bar tender to let him go home with the stirrer. So when he gets home, busy admiring his new acquired stirrer he tries to break it and guess what? It’s not bamboo! It’s a plastic stirrer precisely colored to resemble a bamboo stirrer.

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Can you imagine how many bars, restaurants and companies that pretend to be green do this? How much plastics are they releasing into the environment? Another form of green washing that I have interacted with is about the plastic bags. Some traders/ companies convince us that the plastic bags that they have created are biodegradable yet they are not. Have you been convinced that those bags degrade within 3 months yet they take 10 years? That is green washing.

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Do not be fooled by the terms; ‘Earth friendly, chemical free, certified green,bio, natural, eco, non toxic…’ Don’t be a victim be informed don’t fall into prey by those marketing gimmicks.

Barbara Michoma,

The Traveling Mindset.

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I am a tour operator in Kenya. I have a degree in Tourism Management and I have my own company known as The Traveling mindset Limited which is centered on giving people a chance to experience the world in a sustainable way. I am extremely passionate about climate change, human rights, sustainable tourism, accessible tourism and meeting new people and giving them unforgettable experiences. For fun I play hockey and read all kinds of books. I have two dogs and I love animals very much. My all time hobby though, is writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.

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