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Rain forests are forests characterized by high and continuous rainfall, with annual rainfall in the case of tropical rain forests between 2.5 and 4.5 meters, and definitions varying by region for temperate rain forests. According to rain tree ( http://www.rain-tree.com/facts.htm ) in the 1900s, the rain forests covered 14% of the world, but now there is only 6% cover, experts believe that in the next 40 years if nothing is done we could lose all of our forests. 1.5 acres of rain forest are lost every second. This is so because the value of forest land has been perceived only as timber by short sighted governments. It is also feared that nearly half of the worlds microorganisms will be destroyed within the next 1/4 century. The amazon is the largest rain forest in the world covering 2,100,000 square Miles. The amazon spreads through to Brazil(60%), Peru(13%), Colombia(10%) and minor amounts in parts of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and the French Guiana. In the amazon forest clearing has become quite common to make way for soy bean farming, logging, road creation and cattle ranching resulting in loss of more than 17% of the forest. If 17 % of your lungs were not functioning properly would breathing be as easy as it is when there is a 100% function? In Africa the same is happening to all our forests… One of the most affected is the Mau forest in Kenya which is under threat due to the encroachment of people which has resulted in deforestation. These forests are very important to us, they are; water catchment areas, they bring about rainfall which results in having water to drink, to cook and to bathe, these forests provide shelter for birds, plants, insects, snakes, monkeys and all of what we would call wildlife and the most important of all our trees are the lungs of the Earth. If we are destroying our lungs how will we breathe? I beg you for the sake of our future generations, for the sake of our lives, for the sake of our animals, for the sake of breathing, for the sake of water, for the sake of shelter please; STOP DESTROYING OUR FORESTS. Save the Mau, save the forests of Africa, save the Amazon, save the Miombo woodlands, save the Congo Basin forest, Save the Kinubalu forest, save the Sundarbans forest, save the Sumatra forest, save the Xishuangbanna forest, save the Daintree forest,save the forests in New Guinea, save the forests in Europe, save the Bialowieza forest, save the Tiaga forest, save the Black forest, save the Virgin forests, Save the forests of North America, save the Lacandon jungle, save the Sequoia forests, save the Tongass, save the Bosawas forest, save the forests in south America, save the Atlantic forest, save the Valdivian forest, and please if you cannot plant a tree do not cut one down. Tell your friends, tell your nephews and nieces, tell your mothers and fathers, tell your brothers and sisters why need our forests. Speaking about it may yet save what we have left, it may yet ensure the planting of new trees to replace the lost ones, and it just may save our lives. No money is worth your life!

Barbara Michoma, The Traveling Mindset.

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I am a tour operator in Kenya. I have a degree in Tourism Management and I have my own company known as The Traveling mindset Limited which is centered on giving people a chance to experience the world in a sustainable way. I am extremely passionate about climate change, human rights, sustainable tourism, accessible tourism and meeting new people and giving them unforgettable experiences. For fun I play hockey and read all kinds of books. I have two dogs and I love animals very much. My all time hobby though, is writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.

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