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Maxine Lagace once said, `By discovering nature you discover yourself.’ I believe that this is true because nature is God’s gift to this world and it is a feeling like no other. We can touch nature; we can see nature and we can feel nature. Nature is the most peaceful thing that has ever been gifted to us and yes, I am calling it a gift because it was freely given to us and it is our obligation to care for it. Ever thought about the birthday gift that was given to you by a loved one? You don’t want anyone to touch it, all you want to do is to make sure it is in constant perfect condition. Today I want to tell you about the peaceful nature of nature. Ha ha! See what I did there? Okay moving on… When reading this part, I want you to actually imagine yourself and put yourself in the environment that I shall talk about. I want you to imagine how you feel when you wake up at 6am in the morning and hear the birds with their tiny beaks on the green tree branches chirping and singing their sweet songs or the green plants and trees swaying softly from side to side on the windy day, the rain drops falling onto the leaves, the morning dew falling of the grass into the cricket’s mouth, water running from the waterfall into the stream and flowing to meet the sea, the salty ocean waves barely kissing the shore, and the shepherd boy calling his cattle home to the pen in the sunset as the beautiful furry dog barks in excitement collecting the herd and leading them home.

So, you see? Nature as we know it is very peaceful and it requires our protection. The air that we breathe is because we have trees, the clothes that we wear is because we have cotton, the houses that we live in is because we have wood, the food that we eat is because we have plants and the medicine that we take when we are unwell is because we have herbs. I cannot begin to mention all the things that nature has done or does for us. All these things that we are able to enjoy are not our rights, it is because we have been gifted. Nature keeps us alive, so why should we not keep nature alive?

Barbara Michoma.

The travelling mindset.

Published by Barbara Michoma

I am a tour operator in Kenya. I have a degree in Tourism Management and I have my own company known as The Traveling mindset Limited which is centered on giving people a chance to experience the world in a sustainable way. I am extremely passionate about climate change, human rights, sustainable tourism, accessible tourism and meeting new people and giving them unforgettable experiences. For fun I play hockey and read all kinds of books. I have two dogs and I love animals very much. My all time hobby though, is writing and sharing my thoughts with the world.

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